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Donor Egg And Donor Embryo Treatment

An embryo is formed with fertilization of an egg and a sperm.

Who needs it ?

In Many Conditions, Like

  • Advanced age
  • Premature Ovarian failure or reproductive ageing
  • Decreasing ovarian reserve
  • Recurrent IVF failures due to poor oocyte quality

There is Risk of genetic disease transmission in offspring even with ART treatment, women’s eggs are not capable of forming a healthy embryo which can give rise to pregnancy.

In such conditions, donor egg is one of the treatment option offered.

In This, Egg (Oocyte Is Obtained From Young Healthy Donor)

Fertilized With Husbands Sperm

Donor Egg Embryo Is Transferred In The Female Partner.

If above condition is associated with Azoospermia (sperms not retrieved surgically) or gentic abnormality in male partner, along with donor egg, donor sperm may also be used.

In This, Egg (Oocyte Is Obtained From Young Healthy Donor)

Fertilized With Donor Sperm

Donor Embryo Is Transferred In The Female Partner.

Who are the Egg Donors ?

Young Women Of Age Group Of 20-30

  • Known fertility potential (Having their own genetically normal child within last 5 years)
  • Not having any genetic disease or child affected with genetic disease
  • No history of recurrent miscarriage
  • No major medical or surgical illness
  • No addiction

How is the Egg Donor selected and screened ?

Detailed Case History And Examination Of Donor Is Done

  • Age/ Marital status/ Education/ Occupation
  • Menstrual and Obstetric history
  • Family history (history of any genetic/congenital abnormalities in any family member).
  • Personal history(habits like using tobacco, smoking, drinking, what is the contraceptive being used).
  • Detailed systemic examination done.

Assement Of Her Ovarian Reserve

  • Donor’s ovarian reserve is assessed with her blood AMH (Anti-Mullerian Hormone level) and her AFC count (Antral follicle count) seen on Ultrasonography.

Blood Investigations To Be Done

  • Routine tests- Hemogram and blood grouping
  • Infection screening- HIV, HBsAg, VDRL, HCV
  • Hormone profile- S.TSH
  • Hb Electrophoresis
  • Liver function test
  • Renal function test
  • Optional- Karyotyping

After matching the requirements, the donor is recruited.

Steps involved in the Egg Donor Program ?

  • Matching with donor
  • Synchronization of menses of donor and recipient
  • Controlled ovarian hyperstimulation of donor
  • Recipient’s treatment to prepare the endometrium for implantation.
  • Oocyte retrieval from the donor.
  • In vitro Fertilization of retrieved oocytes with the recipient’s husband’s sperm /Donor sperm obtained from Sperm bank
  • Culture of embryos
  • Embryo transfer in recipient’s uterus and luteal phase support
  • Serum beta HCG level on day 14
  • Recruited from a registered ART Bank.
Steps involved in the Egg Donor Program ?

What are the success rate ?

As compared to the success rate of IVF with own eggs, success rates with donor egg and embryo are considerably high to the tune of 50-60%.

There are no problems associated with pregnancy after oocyte or embryo donation.